Get more organized.

We all know being disorganized is never considered a good thing and can be quite stressful, but have you ever stopped to think that it can actually cost you money?

Studies have found that being more organized and reducing clutter at home can result in a 40 percent reduction in housework. Who wouldn't love that?

The average office employee spends over an hour each day looking for things. That's 5 hours a  week wasted.

One & Done helps busy people learn to delegate tasks that they don't need to do themselves We want to share these 6 best practices used by well organized people.

1. Have a dedicated morning ritual that allows for the day to start off right. Do not check your phone as soon as you get up! It is too easy to get caught up answering emails and text messages which will disrupt the morning ritual process. Complete tasks in the same order, such as breakfast, exercise, etc. and identify 3 things that would make you feel like the day was a success if completed. Once you know what the three things are, schedule them into your day so you can make them happen.

2. Write things down. Enough said. How can anyone possibly remember everything we all need to remember each day without writing them down? Just be sure to keep the list in the same spot. Imagine how good it will feel to check things off that to do list throughout the day.

3. Purge and declutter regularly. By cleaning and purging on a regular basis you avoid a marathon rouging session which automatically fills most people with a feeling of dread.

4. Get help. Whether it's from a person or through the use of tools. There are so many time tracking tools and apps available. Research the options and find the one that will help you remain on track.

5. Forget perfectionism. Most organized people are not perfectionists. They prioritize tasks and focus on getting them done as quickly as possible.

6. Make these things part of your lifestyle. Smart people realize that spending a few minutes now will result in a more organized and stress-free day. But they also know they need to maintain these best practices for continued success.