Our services for aging adults
are specifically designed to promote healthy,
safe and independent living.


We provide non-medical support that promotes quality independent living. Whether working directly with a senior client or on behalf of their loved one who can’t be there for them, our services are tailored to meet the client’s needs. One & Done is your trusted partner that provides that extra set of hands when you need it most.

We are happy to accommodate special requests.



  • Companion Visits

  • Daily Errands and Needs

  • Seasonal Home Opening & Closing

  • Organize Mail

  • Write Letters and Correspondence

  • Assist with Laundry and Closet Organization

  • Aid with Reading

  • Plan, Prepare and Clean Up Meals

  • Assist with Pet Care

  • Coordinate Other Services

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Dry Cleaning

  • Pick Up Prescriptions

We are also able to help with:

  • Help clients travel safely

  • Provide check in services while recuperating

  • Assist with home projects

  • Provide vendor referral services

  • Assist with moving and downsizing

  • Seasonal home check-ins

  • Provide entertaining assistance

Stephanie from One & Done has been instrumental in helping me adjust to new living arrangements in my home. She coordinated the change over of an office space to a new bedroom and has assisted with other household projects that needed to be completed so I can live comfortably on just the first floor of my home.
— Irene, Barrington, RI